ZOORealgirls is the world’s sexiest social network. Glamour models and talented real girls post their sexy pictures and videos, and you can leave them messages, have private chats with them and vote for your favourite girls. The girls are able to build a fan base, have a chance of appearing in ZOO and earn money directly from their pictures and video!

Every month there will be competitions for girls to win shoots and money. ZOO Readers can sign up and vote for their favourite real girls to help them become real glamour model starlets.

The social networking technical knowhow behind ZOORealGirls is brought to you by our friends at Candy Crib, who have been cultivating new talent for some time now. The platform should be reliable and adds loads more functionality to the rickety old image sharing system we had up on ZOO before.

ZOO V.I.P. is how girls earn cash for their content. V.I.P members can award girls with cash stars that are paid out every month. V.I.P. users get full access to the model’s galleries and videos. You can even enter private video chats to share your darkest secrets with your favourite girls.

If you think you’ve got it takes to be the next big ZOO girl and would like to know where to start then you’re in the right place. ZOORealGirls is the best place to build a following as a model, with competitions and chances to get noticed and perhaps even featured in the magazine. To top it all off, you could even earn cash from us as well. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!


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  • 19 minutes ago Melia uploaded a new image
    • silk pink
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    • P1010011 cropped
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  • 6 hours ago Avabanksxo uploaded 6 new images
    • IMG4665
    • Don't have to be naked to be sexy
    • Trying a different pose
    • Such a fun shoot!
    • :)
    • Recent shoot
  • 7 hours ago Melia uploaded 14 new images
    • shower 13
    • shower 12
    • shower 11
    • shower 10
    • shower 9
    • shower 8
  • 8 hours ago EmmaCRB uploaded a new image
    • 20141031 211109609
  • avabanksxox
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    • :)
    • Another recent shoot
    • Recent shoot
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    • pink 2
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    • ;)
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  • 3 days ago Melia uploaded 13 new images
    • Bedroom shoot
    • Sexy secutary ;)
    • Sexy secutary ;)
    • Sexy secutary ;)
    • Sexy secutary ;)
    • Sexy secutary ;)
  • 3 days ago Melia uploaded 10 new images
    • Sexy secutary ;)
    • Sexy secutary ;)
    • Sexy secutary ;)
    • Sexy secutary ;)
    • lingerie
    • lingerie
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  • Harriet Kate
    4 days ago Harriet Kate uploaded 6 new images
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